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Zero to Hero Android Developer Course is Precisely Crafted for the students who want to learn about android and mobile app development but have zero programming knowledge. In this course, students will learn in brief about Android Development starting with the Installation of Android studio and then we will start learning Android UI Components, and Android basics by building android applications with the most popular programming language KOTLIN, then we will learn about parsing data from the internet and Advanced Android Programming and then we will move on to learning Room database also by creating an android app and then we will see ways of deploying our android app.

UI UX Design (Material 3)

  1. Material Tap target prompt
  2. Adaptive List UI
  3. Bottom Navigation
  4. Bottom Sheet (Badge)
  5. Buttons Variant
  6. Card View
  7. Chips
  8. Dialog View (
  9. Expansion Panels
  10. Grid View
  11. List View
  12. Menu Variant
  13. Pickers (Date, Time, Color)
  14. Progress & Activity
  15. Sliders
  16. Snack bars & Toasts
  17. Steppers
  18. Tab View
  19. Form
  20. Toolbars
  21. Profile
  22. No Item Page (Empty State)
  23. Player (Media)
  24. Timeline (Social Media)
  25. Shopping (Ecommerce)
  26. Search Page
  27. Dashboard
  28. Article
  29. Slider Image
  30. Navigation Rail

Let us create a Real-time Android shopping cart application.

  2. Adobe XD UI screen design for app mockup

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