Blog app Demo | Convert a Blogger Blog to Native Android

A blog app Demo is a client app for your blogs.

"Blog App Demo" is a client app for your blog that turns your blogs into a native android app.

 Blogger was developed using Kotlin and Blogger v3 API.

It has a custom icon/image or Logo to represent the Android App. Click posts will show full descriptions, links, images, etc.

With Blog App Demo, your users can view your blog in seconds and see the attached photos and videos from their phones.

### Backend ###

my blog :

Features :

* Lightweight Material Design (Nice UI design)

* Splash Screen

* Bookmark features

* Integrated with websites

* Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) Push Notification

* About Screen

* Search Feature (type a word and get what you want)

* Zoom option

* View Embed Support

* AdMob integration. (earn money)

* Detailed Documentation and More…

Why should you convert your Blogger blog into an app?

Increase Blog Traffic

Smartphone users spend 90% of their time on mobile apps. This tells you how much time you can expect your readers to spend on your website and how much you can boost the time spent on your blog by turning it into an app.

Better User Experience

A mobile app provides a significantly better user experience as compared to a Blogger blog. Not only does a blog look better as a mobile app, but it can use the native features of the mobile device to provide a more engaging experience to the reader.

Better Analytics

The analytics and user insight on a mobile app are better defined as compared to websites. The better insights and analytics you have, the better plugged in you would be to your audience. This will help you deliver more relevant and popular content, which would have a higher chance of going viral!

 What's new Ver 1

* Bookmark features

* Cloud Messaging or Push Notification

* Search Feature

* Zoom option and More…

 What's new Ver 2

* Dark mode features

* Mobile adz.

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  1. My feedback to improve: Offline access to saved posts. The setting screen with dark mode feature, and share app feature


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