Compose Material Theming

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Jetpack Compose offers an implementation of Material Design, a comprehensive design system for creating digital interfaces. The Material Design components (buttons, cards, switches, and so on) are built on top of Material Theming, which is a systematic way to customize Material Design to better reflect your product’s brand. 

A Material Theme contains color, typography, and shape attributes. When you customize these attributes, your changes are automatically reflected in the components you use to build your app.

Demo app:

Source code:*%20Jetpack%20Compose

Material Components are interactive building blocks for creating a user interface.
* App bars: bottom
* App bars: top
* Backdrop
* Banners
* Bottom navigation
* Buttons
* Buttons: floating action button
* Cards
* Dialogs
* Dividers
* Image lists
* Lists
* Menus
* Navigation drawer
* Navigation rail
* Progress indicators
* Selection controls
* Sheets: bottom
* Sheets: side
* Sliders
* Snack bars
* Tabs
* Text fields
* Swipe to refresh

* Ice cream UI design template 

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