Flutter Debugging Custom Log: Colorful Logs for Effortless Debugging

Dive into a world of vibrant Flutter debugging with our Colorful Logging utility! 

No Third-Party Plugins Needed!

This blog introduces a simple yet potent tool that adds a burst of color to your console messages, making log levels pop. 

Bonus: Say goodbye to cluttered production logs, as this utility seamlessly excludes itself in production builds.


Logging in Flutter is a crucial part of debugging, but the traditional black and white logs can be uninspiring. Our logging utility, complete with colorful indicators, brings clarity to your console. 


  • Visual Clarity: Colored messages stand out, aiding in the quick identification of log levels.
  • Debugging Efficiency: Swiftly locate and focus on the most critical messages.
  • Customization: Tailor colors or add more log levels to align with your preferences.
  • Production Exclusion: Log messages exclusively surface in debug mode, leaving production logs pristine.



Let us comparing the characteristics of the four logging methods

Method Use Case Customization Long Text Release Mode
log Detailed logging Highly customizable Supports Yes
print Simple debugging Limited customization May truncate Yes
debugPrint Flutter debugging Limited customization Truncates automatically No (excluded)
logDebug Flexible control Highly customizable Depends on implementation Depends on implementation

log Function:
import 'dart:developer'; void main() { try { throw FormatException('This is a custom error'); } catch (e, stackTrace) { // Highly customizable (parameters: message, name, error, stackTrace) log( 'An error occurred:', name: 'MyApp', error: 'Custom Error Message', stackTrace: stackTrace, ); } } // simple log log('This is a log message');

debugPrint Function:

import 'package:flutter/foundation.dart';
debugPrint('This is a debugPrint message');

print Function:

print('This is a print message');