Flutter Transitions Showcase: List View Hero Animation

Explore a delightful collection of animated posts featuring delicious ice cream images. 

From smooth card transitions to captivating hero animations, experience the beauty of Flutter UI in action. 

Dive into the 'Transitions Demo' and discover the magic of seamless navigation between posts. 

Flutter enthusiasts, developers, and design aficionados, this is your gateway to a visually stunning journey through the art of transitions in mobile app development

Key notes:

  • Creating a Post class : Simple data model representing a post with id, title, description, and imageUrl properties.
  • HomePage (MyAppList): ListView.builder to display a list of posts using the _loadPosts method.

  • _loadPosts method: This method generates a list of posts, each having a random ice cream image from the provided list.
  • InkWell widget is used to make the card tappable, triggering the navigation to the detailed view.
  • Hero widget is employed to create a hero transition. It uses a unique tag ('post_card_${post.id}') for each post to identify the transitioning widget.

Hero Transition:

The Hero widget is employed again to smoothly transition the image from the list view to the detail view

The tag used in the Hero widget in PostDetailPage matches the tag used in the PostCard widget.