Let us build app with Android Material design UI UX

Let us build better apps faster & beautiful with Android Material UI / UX course for Android developer with Kotlin Modern Android apps with Material Design and integrations: Basic,  MVVM, Coroutines, ViewModel, LiveData, Retrofit, Navigation, UI UX & so on.

Android Material UI / UX

  • Selecting Colors with the Palette API in Android with Example: Read More
  • How to implement Android Jetpack Preferences: Read More
  • TabLayout Onboarding Screens with ViewPager2 and Fragment: Read More
  • How to Create an Onboarding Screen with Animation in Android? (#ViewPager2, #Animation, #PageIndicators): Read More
  • How to Create an Onboarding Screen in Android with ViewPager2 ?: Read More
  • Dark Mode for Android App in Kotlin using DataStore Jetpack android Read More
  • How to create Static, Dynamic & Pinned App Shortcuts in Android App Read More
  • How to Improve RecyclerView Performance in Android? Read More
  • Cards   Read More
  • App Settings  Read More
  • Banners  Read More
  • Flexbox Layout    Read More
  • Buttons  Read More
  • Typography or Type scale generator  Read More
  • How to create a Custom Dialog box in android? Read More
  • Empty states Read More
  • Snackbar Read More
  • Bottom Navigation or Navigation bar  Read More
  • Permissions  Read More
  • Custom setting  Read More
  • How to Improve RecyclerView Performance in Android?   Read More
  • Chip Read More
  • RecyclerView Navigation transitions in Android Navigation Architecture Component  Read More

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